Holuhraun Eruption

The eruption in Holuhraun is as active as ever. There seems to be no end to the sesmic activity in Bárðabunga either, check out these amazing maps that illustrate the intensity of these events.

Eruption video

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Holuhraun Eruption Update

Lava flowing from the Holuhraun fissure has entered Jökulsa a Fjöllum glacial river. A strong earthquake (5.4) was in Bárðarbunga this morning and an eruption there is still a likely event.

Photo: Höskuldur Borgþórsson
Photo: Höskuldur Borgþórsson

This photo is taken from a plane on the way to Egilsstaðir. Commercial planes fly over the eruption site and pilots or flight attendants explain what is happening.

Eruption Video

Both videos are from RUV

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While the eruption has fizzled out (for now at least), life goes on. That includes knitting and last night I did this: IMG_0047 What is it you ask? Why it is the cut of ribbing of the lopi cardigan I have been knitting. It was supposed to be somewhat roomy and boxy, but when I tried it on, the ribbing was way too loose, too short and generally unflattering. So I cut it off and now I am knitting a twisted rib downwards. IMG_0049


I really don’t know why I didn’t do that from the beginning (the twisted rib that is). I like it much better than the “ordinary” one and I use it most of the time. But no real harm is done, the cardigan will just take a little more time to finish, and my girl will have to wait a few more days before I start knitting her fall lopi sweater.

On her way to grammar school!
On her way to grammar school!

Increased Activity

The seismic activity in Bárðarbunga has increased  today. According to specialists from the Icelandic Meteorologic Institute it is now impossible to detect individual earthquakes, they are coming that fast.  It is still impossible to say whether there will be an eruption or not, but the Civil Protection coordination centre  has been activated and a plane from the coast guard is getting ready to fly over the glacier.

So in short, no news yet, but things seem to be heating up. Here is the webcam, for those who don’t want to miss anything!

Volcanic Eruption

You know Eyjafjallajökull,

… now you might have to learn a new name: Bárðarbunga.

There has been intense seismic activity since last Saturday in Bárðarbunga, one of Icelands many volcanoes, situated in the northwestern part of Vatnajokull, Iceland’s largest glacier.

Scientists say  that the earthquakes are a strong indication of magma movement underneath the surface, and they do not rule out that an eruption might occur.

The Icelandic Broadcast service posts updates in english at  ruv.is/volcano 

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For the really interested there is even a live webcam!