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Yarn : rests of Fine/Sport weight yarn, but also some dk weight. The thicker yarn is only used in stripes.
Needles : 2,5mm (US 1½)
Size : 10 years with a small hand. Pattern is dividable by six.

: Cast on 36 stitches and connect them in a circle. Bubbles are knit on the round. Knit approximately 5cm (2 in) in cable (k4,p2), turning the cable in every fourth row. If you turn with a bigger interval (in every fifth or sixth row) you get a looser cuff, so that can be an option if you want that. Put stripes wherever you want.
Insert bubbles in the second purled stitch (k4, p1, bubble) in one round, about halfway in the cuff.

: Knit in the same st: k1, yo, k1 (= 3 sts), turn the piece. Knit 3 rows of stocking sts over these 3 sts. Then knit the first two tog. Then the remaining two.(= 1 st left).

Purl three rows . Knit 6 cm (2,4 in), adding stripes, bubbles, hearts – anything you like – on the way.

The thumb increase : Find the center and place a marker there. Make one stitch one each side of the marker. in the next round you make a stitch outside the stitches you just made, and again in the round after that – in all six times. Before putting the thumb stitches on a bit of waste yarn pick up two more stitches ,,in the back” to close the hole between the thumb and the hand.

Knit 2 cm (0,8 in), adding bubbles, stripes, or anything that takes your fancy.
Purl three rounds.
Cast off.

The thumb : Divide thumb stitches evenly on three dpn´s to make a circle – or on two circular needles using the magic loop method. Knit 1 cm (0,4 in). Purl 2 rounds. Cast off.

Make the other one the same way.

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