Björg – a free pattern

Björg 2, originally uploaded by Harpa J.

Size : Ladies medium
Yarn : Ístex Plötulopi (Icelandic unspun lopi. 1 “cake” (or a rest) contrast color, 2 “cakes” main color (actually just a little more than one “cake”). The lopi is used double (Two strand knit together). Here is a good tutorial on how to wind the yarn from the “cakes”. It is in Swedish but the pictures should be clear enough.
Needles : 6mm (US 10), circular and dpns or two circulars if you prefer the magic loop method using two needles.

Method : Cast on 97 stitches in the contrast color on a circular needle and connect them to make a circle. Björg is knit on the round. Mark the beginning of the round. Purl 8 rounds (in the contrast color). Switch to the main color and knit until 27 cm (10.6 in) from the cast on.

The decrease : *K 11, k2tog*
Knit 3 rounds.
*K 10, k2tog*
Knit 3 rounds.
*K 9, k2tog*
Knit 3 rounds.
*K 8, k2tog*
etc until *K2, k2tog´* ( When the circumference becomes too small for the circular needle you switch to dpn´s or two circulars using the magic loop method. )
Knit 1 round
*K1, k2tog*
Knit 1 round
*k2tog, k2tog*
Knit 1 round
*k2tog, k2tog*
Thread the yarn through the all stitches and pull carefully. Hide the ends on the wrong side.

The felting.

There are two schools of though on that. Those who hand felt and those who use a washing machine. I always use my trusted washing machine. This however can go wrong and I CAN NOT guarantee the results of machine felting. Each machine felts differently. My mother machine (electrolux) felts much more than mine (siemens) for example. So my advise is use a short program, start with low heat 40°C (104 F) and increase if that is not enough. It is a good idea to use a large washing bag to protect your machine. Spin carefully to avoid creases. Form the hat on your own head, or on the person who is to wear it if possible. Heads vary wildly in sizes! Don´t be afraid to form the hat when wet, it can stand a lot of tugging and pulling. Let it dry completely standing, for example on top of a dryer.

Embellish the hat as you wish. I recommend letting the hat stand on a table or something like it for a while and see what it wants. Does it need bold colors and strong lines or does it whisper about soft flowers and green grass?

If you need further inspiration here are some pictures I plan to use, you are welcome to use them for inspiration but not for anything else.

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