Reborn – a sweaters tale

Some twenty three years ago a very good friend received this beautiful baby sweater for her first born. When the little girl outgrew it, the mother carefully packed it in a plastic bag for safe keeping. When she unpacked it some eight years later, she was in for a nasty surprise. Instead of protecting the wool, the plastic had not only severely discoloured it, but also eaten a hole in it. The sweater is beyond repair I’m afraid. It was much worse when first unpacked, these are the stains that just don’t come out no matter what. And then there is the hole, the great big hole just below the neckline.

My friend has just had her fourth baby, her first baby boy and I am now recreating this beauty for them. I couldn’t find the exact same yarn, but the lovely Italian baby yarn (Ornaghi Filati Pisolo) I found is close enough I think.

It takes a little time to knit it on 1.5mm pins ( a half size smaller than US 0) but it’s fun to pick up the pattern from a finished piece. I have not tried that before.

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