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This is by no means a current events or new blog.
But of course I follow the recent events in Japan and Libya among other things, with great concern.

I’m also active in the Red cross so I’m by no means as isolated and ignorant of the outside world as this blog might imply.
I’m generally optimistic and I do believe life is beautiful, in all it’s cruelty and injustice.
But when I think about the terrible things happening all over the wold I sometimes feel like this:

Þetta er alls ekkert fréttablogg, en auðvitað fylgist ég með atburðum líðandi stundar eins og annað fólk.
Ég er almennt bjartsýn og trúi því staðfastlega að lífið sé þrátt fyrir allt gott, í allri sinni grimmd og ósanngirni.
En stundum, þegar ég hugsa um allt það hræðilega sem gerist í heiminum, líður mér svona:

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  1. Like you, my blog is not about current events, but I also have wanted to say something about the events in Japan. In the end I decided to post a cookie recipe instead. At some point down the road I might post something specific though. It almost feels like if I don’t say anything it indicates I don’t care, which is not the case at all. Thanks for the YouTube link.

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