The First Real Summer Day

Today we finally have summer, here on the black beach. After a long period of cold the sun is shining and is (relatively) warm.

Pure happiness reigns in my back yard, where my younger daughter and the little one practice their gymnastic skills.

I’m going out to sit in the shadow (with a warm shawl on my shoulders, it’s not that warm) and knit a bit. Pure bliss.


Í dag er loksins sumar.

Alvöru sumar, sól og næstum hlýtt, svona í skjóli allavega.

Það ríkir hrein hamingja í bakgarðinum, þar sem snúllan og heimasætan æfa fimleika. Orkan virðist ótæmandi og snúllan er búin að læra að fara í kollhnís, bara si svona.

Ég ætla að setjast út (með hlýtt sjal á öxlunum) og kaffibolla og prjóna. Tóm sæla.


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2 thoughts on “The First Real Summer Day

  1. Harpa Post author

    We can grow a garden. Many even have roses and fancy stuff like that – but you have to have good shelter from the wind to be able to do that.

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