Walking on Christmas Day

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Forever Watching the Sea


Most of the guests left today, but the little lady is going to stay a little longer.
I’m going to relax today, read a bit and knit on the Var sweater that I actually gave my sister for Christmas. That is, I gave her a small sample of the main color (knit up) and a promise to knit her a Istex pattern “Lopi” sweater in super smooth itch free yarn.

Unlike me, she does not like lopi at all, so I had to look for other options. Normally she can’t tolerate wool, but Drops Merino Extra Fine is soft enough for her, even though it’s 100% wool.Walking on Christmas Day

Today's Rock Picture

Forever Watching the Sea


Gleðilega rest!

Flestir gestirnir fóru í dag, en snúllan ætlar að vera aðeins lengur. Það er jólaball á morgun og svo er líka gaman að leika við heimasætuna og vera í smá dekri hjá afa og ömmu.

Ég ætla að slaka á í dag, lesa og kannski prjóna líka. Ég er byrjuð á Var ,,lopapeysu” úr Drops Merino Extra Fine. Þessa peysu gaf ég reyndar í jólagjöf, óprjónaða.

Systir mín fékk prjónafestuprufuna sem sýnishorn og loforð um að fá peysuna alla innan tíðar. Hún hefur lengi óskað sér svona ,,lopapeysu” en hún þolir ekki lopa svo ég varð að leita annarra leiða. Hún þolir heldur ekki ull svona almennt, en þetta garn er silkimjúkt og ertir ekki.

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5 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Rani

    Wonderful photos. We are completely without snow, which is so unusual for this late in the year. In fact, we are skating across the lakes. Very strange.

    As for Lopi. Would you believe that I’m wearing an old lopi sweater passed down from my grandma (I think). It’s so warm, I can’t bear to put anything else on right now.

  2. Harpa Post author

    Thank you.
    I can totally believe that. My stepdaughter inherited my fathers lopi sweaters and wears them all the time. I love to see her wearing them, they are way big on her, but still so becoming.

  3. Sugel

    This is a chunky weight yarn that knits up 13 or 14 stitches to 10 cm (4 inches) on 5mm (US Size 8) to 6mm (US Size 10) needles. The sweaters knit up fast, and are generally knit on circular needles.

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