1. This is a great idea and I could use this on some furniture legs. I have to send this to my daughter. She’s the knitter :) Thanks for sharing. I’ll keep in touch with twitter & hellocotton.

  2. Christina Oldenburg

    …just to let you know. There is a set of your gray Lopi “furniture feet” on one of dining room chairs, here in far-off California. I’ve had requests to make some for other people, but my supply of Lopi is running dangerously low! I love the furniture socks – they work perfectly!

  3. verniekate

    And so I have been using BABY SOCKS from walmart that I dyed the same color as my furniture for about 10 years. I thought it was a clever idea I had. Never thought about knitting my own.

  4. Keith Lobalbo

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  5. Coreen Bisbee

    Keeping socks on your baby’s feet is no simple task. One little kick, a tug at the toes and they’re off. And of course it’s always one sock from every pair that gets lost!.

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  6. Yvonne Ashton

    I really think these are fantastic and would love to do different colours for each of my grandchildren. Could yu please send me a free copy of the pattern. Thanks

  7. Joan

    My mom made these years ago from her own pattern that she made up, but she always put those sticky pads that are for chairs and tables on the bottom of the furniture first and then she put on the chair socks and this way they would last longer. I still make them…..

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