Furniture Feet – a free pattern.

My Furniture Feet Pattern is moving up in the world. It was featured in the latest edition of Knit Magazine  along with my Helene Beret

It is also getting quite popular on ravelry. People from all over the world are knitting “socks” for their chairs and tables, in all kinds of feltable wool.

Here are three beautiful examples.

Sabine from München, Germany made these beautiful beaded green “socks” for her exquisite chair.

Helle from Aulum in Denmark, made all these pure white ones:

This fully kitted out dining room is all the way from Colorado. The talenter knitters ravelry name is


I got this idea in July 2009, and I made a set right away. That set is still in use and none of my “socks” have got a hole yet. Plötulopi seems to be very well suited for this kind of projects, I have teenagers, so my furniture is not treated kindly…

Húsgagnahosurnar mínar hafa forframast töluvert. Uppskriftin birtist í nýjasta tölublaði Knit tímaritsins  ásamt Helene alpahúfunni og fleiru.

Uppskriftin er líka orðin frekar vinsæl á ravlery. Fólk um allan heim er að prjóna hosur á stóla og borð úr allskonar ull.

Hér eru þrjú falleg dæmi.

Sabine frá München, prjónaði þessar perlum skreyttu grænu hosur, fyrir ótrúlega fallega stólinn sinn.

Helle frá Aulum in Danmörku, prjónaði allar þessar hvítu hosur:

Þetta borðstofusett kemur frá Colorade. Prjónakonan kallar sig endofthepier á ravelry.

Hosuhugmyndin kom til mín í júlí 2009, og ég prjónaði nokkrar þá. Það sett er enn í notkun og það sér ekkert á því. Plötulopi virðist henta einstaklega vel í hosurnar, það hefur ekki komið gat á eina einustu og þó þurfa stólarnir mínir að þola ýmislegt,

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13 thoughts on “Furniture Feet – a free pattern.

  1. susie

    This is a great idea and I could use this on some furniture legs. I have to send this to my daughter. She’s the knitter :) Thanks for sharing. I’ll keep in touch with twitter & hellocotton.

  2. Christina Oldenburg

    …just to let you know. There is a set of your gray Lopi “furniture feet” on one of dining room chairs, here in far-off California. I’ve had requests to make some for other people, but my supply of Lopi is running dangerously low! I love the furniture socks – they work perfectly!

  3. verniekate

    And so I have been using BABY SOCKS from walmart that I dyed the same color as my furniture for about 10 years. I thought it was a clever idea I had. Never thought about knitting my own.

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  6. Yvonne Ashton

    I really think these are fantastic and would love to do different colours for each of my grandchildren. Could yu please send me a free copy of the pattern. Thanks

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