1. Sonja

    In order to dye cotton (or other plant fiber) the dye has to be basic (have a high pH), and if you want to dye wool (or other animal fiber) the dye has to be acidic (low pH). You can therefore increase the intensity of the dyeing by adding something like baking soda (or even lye – vítissódi).

    Now the thing with kool-aid and dyeing is that they add vitamin C to kool-aid. Vitamin C is another name of the compound ascorbic acid, which is a weak acid. Kool-aid is therefore very good to use for dyeing wool, but due to the added acid, not so good at dyeing cotton. You can still add baking soda to get a darker color.

  2. Þetta er gamli sloppurinn þinn Svala :-)

    Thank you Sonja! I know Kool-Aid is excellent for dyeing wool, and not cotton (let alone polyester) – but I just didn’t have anything else….

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