The First Day of Summer

The first day of summer is celebrated today in Iceland. That may seem strange, as the weather is far from summer-like this time of year. The first Thursday after the 18th of each April is Sumardagurinn fyrsti, or the first day of summer. It is a public holiday in Iceland and hails from the old Norse calendar, which only had two seasons: the cold, dark one and the warm, light one. Sumardagurinn fyrsti falls on the first day of the Norse month called Harpa, which is my name as most of you know.

We had night time frost and a light dusting of snow when I woke up. That is considered a very good omen, if the winter and the summer “freeze together”, it is thought to predict a beautiful, dry and warm summer to come.

First Spring


Það var frost í nótt og örlítill snjór á flötinni þegar ég vaknaði í morgun. Sumar og vetur fraus sem sagt saman og það er góðs viti eins og kunnugt er.

First Spring


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