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My “Baby” in rehearsal today. She is an absolute beginner, she has not had a proper singing lesson in her life but I am helping her a little bit.

Heimasætan á æfingu í dag. Hún er alger byrjandi, hefur aldrei í söngtíma komið, þó ég sé aðeins að hjálpa henni.

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  1. Vikie

    She has a really good voice, … singing lesson could be really good for her ^^ (sorry for my bad english)

  2. Beautiful girl with a beautiful natural singing voice. You mentioned that there were no singing lessons in your village. What is the village population where you live? The seascape photos are amazing. I grew up on the Atlantic shore in the Village of Key Biscayne, Florida, USA just outside of Miami, FL. The sea is very dear to me but my sea is a lot warmer than yours!

  3. There are close to 300 in the village, just about 500 with the surrounding countryside…
    Thank you for your kind compliments, I do love the sea too.

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