Ash in the Air

It’s barely possible to stay outside today, at least for me. The ash from last year is blowing from the moors and mountains and it burns my eyes and hurts my throat.

The visibility is pretty bad as you can see and the villagers hope it will rain soon. Thankfully the weather forecast predict it will rain, perhaps already tonight.

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  1. Fríða Fríða

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    meira ógeðið! mér þykir nóg um það sem hefur borist hingað, en þið eruð ekki í góðum málum.

  2. Michael Michael

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    The ash went as far as Reykjavik, but here its not as severe as in your region.

  3. Beatrice Beatrice

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    Oh, this looks really bad! Hope it will rain!
    Thanx again for your kind words til Gubben’s bordgang…
    har en fin dag,
    Beatrice *


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