Embroidery Course

Admissions to my embroidery courses picked up, just before they started. The first one was not quite full, but the second one was. They were both great fun and all “my” ladies were very clever and enthusiastic.

Many asked for a an advanced course and I’m looking into that, although I do not promise anything.Það rættist heldur betur úr skráningum á útsaumsnámskeiðin mín. Það fyrra var að vísu ekki alveg fullt, en það seinna fylltist og það var mjög gaman á þeim báðum.

Dömurnar voru allar alveg óskaplega áhugasamar og flinkar. Það var mikið spurt um framhaldsnámskeið og þó ég lofi engu, þá er það í athugun.

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3 thoughts on “Embroidery Course

  1. Emma

    Harpa, I’m so glad the enrolments picked up at the last minute – I also wish I could have been there! Embroidery is a new skill for me, one I am enjoying on the days my hands cooperate, and it would be lovely to have a short class to go to, so I think your ladies were very lucky!

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