No Christmas Knitting

I was not going to knit many gifts this holiday season. But I had planned to knit one pair of simple but pretty socks for my younger daughter. She loves warm gifts, especially scarfs and socks. But this Untitled-2   and this Untitled-5

does not go well together. Yesterday I fell on a small but very slippery patch of ice and broke some small bones in my wrist. I also hurt my knee and back a bit and got me a mild concussion too. So it was not a really good day. But today I am much better. Luckily I broke my left hand ( I am right handed) so things could have been much worse. The weather is also lovely (although I will no go out just yet) and strangely enough I am much more intothe holiday spirit after the accident than before.



Perhaps that is just the pain meds talking but right now, let’s relax and enjoy some beautiful music:

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  1. Get well soon!
    Looks like winterwonderland in Iceland. 😉 Today my son received the letter from the icelandic santa claus I ordered in Reykjavik’s Laugavegur in August. It really worked!! 😀

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