My Year in Projects

As always I feel I have not accomplished very much this year. I had planned to sew a lot in 2013, but that did not happen.

I did not embroider nearly as much as I planned either, but this is most of what I did manage to do:


The most important project of the year was without a doubt this one:


It is of course my first picture.

It is by no means perfect and I don’t think I will stitch on a wool base again. But it is still important to me and I recommend clicking on it and viewing it full size.

My second picture is in progress. It’s very different from the first one, but equally close to my heart.


I embroidered some felted beads:

And I even stitched a cross stitch picture (of a rutabaga of all things) that I did not photograph.


There were some sweaters:

Some baby things:

And a pair of mittens:


Before I broke my wrist I also started knitting socks. I did not finish them for obvious reasons, but I have decided that they still count.



I really didn’t sew much, but I refashioned some dresses for a charity. I also upscaled a shirt or two and altered some dresses for my young ladies (only one is photographed).


There was also some crochet (a bit more than is shown here):


And then there is this (a translation). It so counts.




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  1. Hello, Harpa, and Merry Twelth Night! Your embroidery with the underwater motif is impressive. What an effort you put into that!

    How is winter in Iceland? Here it is still meteorologically autumn and I plan to take up roller skiing again. What weird times!


      Hi Magnus. Happy New Year! The winter is, well mostly cold and icy here in Reykjavík. In the north there is a lot of snow however, especially in the northwest.
      Thank you for your very kind praise.

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