Knitting in Progress

I have a knitting project in progress. It’s a blue lopi cardigan, and I want to finish it really soon.



That should not be overly difficult. I have already knit the body and one sleeve, and it’s knit on fairly big needles (6 mm): The only problem is my wrist. It’s still quite sore (I broke it around Christmas) and I can’t knit for very long in each sitting.

Embroidery is a little easier and I do love my grey picture. This little corner is all done (for now at least) and I think it’s rather pretty, if I may say so myself.


The stitch used in the “tangle” in the centre is Bullion Stitch, one of my favourite stitches. It is really easy, just take care to wrap the floss evenly and not too tightly. I never count how often I wrap, I just measure by sight. You can make the loops as short or long as you like, leave them neat and tidy or all tangled up as done here.

Here is a video and here is another.

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  1. Hope your wrist problems are going to get better. Knitting with aching hands is far away from fun.
    Your embroidery looks great. I’m curious about how it will look when it’s finished.

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