A New Cardigan

Last night I finished sewing 19 – yes that is right – 19 buttons into my blue cardigan. Most of them are vintage, some are new and they are all from my stash. So was the yarn, plötulopi, held double.

And here it is, all done:



The pattern is Styrkur by Védís Jónsdóttir from Lopi 29, with some alterations, of course.

I skipped the ballon shape (don’t like it) but this once I did not add shaping as I usually do. This time I wanted a long and big cardigan, and there we have the main alteration: I steeked the sweater and made a cardigan with a crochet edge and many buttons. I also raised the back slightly and made the cardigan and sleeves longer than the pattern states.



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One thought on “A New Cardigan

  1. Cindi Brumpton

    Love both the colour and the length Harpa. It just screams comfy and was probably what you have needed all winter. Great addition to your wardrobe. I also love the new photo on this site (2 people standing with their back to the rock of your old hometown?).


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