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When I was visiting Dýrafjörður recently, I was fortunate enough to get an private guided tour to the an untouched home of Sigtryggur Guðlaugsson and Hjaltlína Guðjónsdóttir, who were, among other things, the founders of Skrúður, the famous horticultural museum garden in Núpur, Dýrafjörður.


Sigtryggur was born in 1862, but his son Þröstur is the one showing us his parents house.


Hjaltlína´s mittens. just as she left them.


A special box for knitting needles.

IMG_1130 IMG_1120 IMG_1122 IMG_1119 IMG_1118 IMG_1117 IMG_1116 IMG_1112

Sigtryggur was born in 1862, but his son in alive and well and he showed us his parents house.

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