My Goals – Update


It’s time for another update! The Embroidery goal is to finish the grey picture and embroider two more. The grey picture is going well, but I think I must face that I am not going to finish three pictures this year: Therefore I am adjusting this goal. My current embroidery goal is :  to finish the grey picture and start another. The Knitting goal was … [Read more…]

Knitting in Progress

I have a knitting project in progress. It’s a blue lopi cardigan, and I want to finish it really soon.   That should not be overly difficult. I have already knit the body and one sleeve, and it’s knit on fairly big needles (6 mm): The only problem is my wrist. It’s still quite sore … [Read more…]

Beauty and Goals

First, a birthday photo of my young lady: and just to make you smile, a very happy one of my little nephew:   But I what I was really going to post about was an update on this years goals. I am taking them seriously you see, and that means I need to take stock … [Read more…]

Food Photography

The title might be a tad misleading. It should say ,,attempts at food photography” or ” failed attempt at food photography” or “how not to be a food photograph” – but somehow that doesn’t have the same ring to it. But the thing is, I was cooking this Veggie Shepherds Pie, and I wanted to … [Read more…]