Knitting in Progress

I have a knitting project in progress. It’s a blue lopi cardigan, and I want to finish it really soon.



That should not be overly difficult. I have already knit the body and one sleeve, and it’s knit on fairly big needles (6 mm): The only problem is my wrist. It’s still quite sore (I broke it around Christmas) and I can’t knit for very long in each sitting.

Embroidery is a little easier and I do love my grey picture. This little corner is all done (for now at least) and I think it’s rather pretty, if I may say so myself.


The stitch used in the “tangle” in the centre is Bullion Stitch, one of my favourite stitches. It is really easy, just take care to wrap the floss evenly and not too tightly. I never count how often I wrap, I just measure by sight. You can make the loops as short or long as you like, leave them neat and tidy or all tangled up as done here.

Here is a video and here is another.

Beauty and Goals

First, a birthday photo of my young lady:


and just to make you smile, a very happy one of my little nephew:



But I what I was really going to post about was an update on this years goals. I am taking them seriously you see, and that means I need to take stock now and the and see how I am doing:

The Embroidery goal is to finish the grey picture and embroider two more. The grey picture is going really well, so this one is all right so far I think.


The Knitting goal was to to knit at least three sweaters.  I recently cast on a cardigan for myself, so this one is all right so far too.


The Sewing was to fix at least four dresses and sew four more AND to sew two tops, three skirts and a coat for myself. Now here I am not doing so well. A a sequined top is almost finished but that is about it. Numerous small repairs don’t count – or do they?

My Reading goal is to read at least 52 books. This one is going swimmingly. We are in week seven and I have finished six books. I am using Goodreads to keep track of this part of my goals. I only signed up this year so the books on the list are just the ones I have read this year.

Translating: to translate at least one book: No progress here so far, and no contract either.

Cooking: to continue the weekday vegetarian experiment I have just started (and perhaps post a few favourite recipes) : This is working out well, apart form the posting recipes part.

And finally my most important goal: to finish the first draft.  This one is going – well – not badly shall we say.




Food Photography

The title might be a tad misleading. It should say ,,attempts at food photography” or ” failed attempt at food photography” or “how not to be a food photograph” – but somehow that doesn’t have the same ring to it.

But the thing is, I was cooking this Veggie Shepherds Pie, and I wanted to take pictures of the process, and most importantly of the finished dish.

I managed one. One measly photo of the cooked vegetables, before I put the sweet potato mash on top.



Of course I was planning to take a photo with the mash on top – but then I got distracted and completely forgot…

So even though I know the tips and rules of food photography. I seem to have real problems with the practical part. Actually photographing the stuff before it gets eaten. Because believe me, I am NOT going to cook something just for show.

And on a completely different note – here is another progress photo of my grey picture. I must say I thoroughly enjoy this project, and I think it’s my favourite  one so far.



A Small Hostess Gift



I embroidered this little hand-towel as a small hostess gift this weekend. I was staying a a house guest at a friends house in Vík, as I have done several times before, and it has become a tradition that I leave  something handmade behind.





The colours are correct in the first photo. The other ones are taken inside in rather strange light. But the gold thread is clearly visible in the last one…

The Years First Progress Pictures

My wrist is healing nicely. I have not started knitting yet, but I can embroider a bit. So I have made some progress on the grey picture. The last grey area is in progress and it won’t be long until I can start on the pale flowers.

I thought the flower part was going to be very colourful, but since I have been working on the picture, I have found that this is not the case. As so often before, the piece seems to be steering me, not the other way around.

But that is all good, I am sure it knows what it’s doing…


My 2014 Goals

Some people put a lot of thought into their goals and carefully plan each aspect of their life. I am sure that is a good idea, but I  have never really been that organized.

But that does not mean I have no direction or ambition in my life, far from it.

These are my goals for 2014, that is the the ones I am ready to talk about:

Embroidery: to finish the grey picture and embroider two more.

















Knitting: to knit at least three sweaters. One at least is going to be for myself.


Sewing: to fix at least four dresses and sew four more. Two at least for myself.

To sew two tops, three skirts and a coat for myself.

Ambitious – I know, and a bit more “selfish” that often before.


Reading: to read at least 52 books.

Translating: to translate at least one book.

Cooking: to continue the weekday vegetarian experiment I have just started (and perhaps post a few favourite recipes).

Writing: to finish the first draft. This is my most important goal this year.

What are your goals this year?