Happy Birthday!

  My son is 20 today! This picture is from his graduation from grammar school this spring. He is not at home today, he is working in Vík this summer and will indeed be working tonight (he is working nights) and even missing the final game of the FIFA World Cup . He is an avid … [Read more…]

Photographic Mistakes!

I made the very same mistake on New Years Eve as I did on Christmas! I was completely engrossed in the cooking and conversation and therefore: (almost) no pictures. And those I took are hurried, poorly lit and generally not very good. I had asked my family to remind me, but their memory seems to … [Read more…]

Some Christmas Snapshots

I failed almost totally on the photo front this Christmas. But here are the very few snapshots I did manage to get. Half the guests are missing (we were twelve in all on Christmas eve), but some photos are better than no photos at all…    


The Icelandic Opera stages Georges Bizets Carmen this year, in  Harpa Concert Hall.  This production of the well know opera is a feast for the eyes as well as ears, beautiful and action filled group scenes, lots of drama of course but quite a bit of humor too. The singers are wonderful. I heard the first cast,  Hallveig … [Read more…]

A New Project

I have started a knitting project. It’s a long sweater/short dress, the cover model from Lopi 33, the new pattern book from Ístex which is only available in Icelandic now, but will surely be published in English very soon. I am also (finally) preparing for a new embroidery picture.  That makes me really happy. I am … [Read more…]

The Miracle of Birth

This is me early this morning.  I was getting ready for the operating theatre, where I had the honour of being by sister’s helper in the birth of her baby. In the photo we were having fun with the HUGE scrubs I was given, but in fact I got some smaller ones later on. Everything … [Read more…]

Summer Baby

I’m knitting for a summer baby. I’m a little behind schedule (as usual), somehow my sisters growing baby bump failed to kick start my knitting. But now the baby is due very soon, so I’m knitting this little number pretty fast. Here are the colours I picked: And here is a (bad) photo of the … [Read more…]