Think of Me

My “Baby” in rehearsal today. She is an absolute beginner, she has not had a proper singing lesson in her life but I am helping her a little bit. Heimasætan á æfingu í dag. Hún er alger byrjandi, hefur aldrei í söngtíma komið, þó ég sé aðeins að hjálpa henni.

THE Dress and the Singing Competition

Boy, did we have an exiting weekend. As my regular readers know, my youngest and her friend participated in a national youth singing competition on Saturday, that was broadcast live on television. The day started early with a sound check and hair-curling. I had bought a new cone shaped curling iron for the occasion (and for her confirmation too) and … [Read more…]

Not Dead

You might not think so, from the activity on this page – but I’m actually both alive and relatively well too. I have been working on an CD cover for a band from the village, and as this is my first assignment of this nature, it did take a lot of time and effort. But … [Read more…]

Don’t Think Twice, it’s Alright

This is my lovely stepdaughters (Icelandic) cover version of the famous Dylan song. This is a family project, her father arranged the song and played the instruments, I translated the lyrics and took the pictures. Þetta er túlkun ungu dömunnar á lagi Dylans Don’t Think Twice, it’s Alright. Upptakan var fjölskylduverkefni, húsbóndinn útsetti, spilaði á … [Read more…]