2012 Project Calender of Knitting and Embroidery

When I look back on the year 2012, I feel like I didn’t get very much done at all. But when I look at the archives, I see that my feeling is not entirely correct. True, I didn’t embroider nearly as much as I planned, but I did get some pretty good things done. I did some sewing and dabbled in … [Read more…]

A DIY Decorated Candle

The preparations for the confirmation party continue. It’s traditional to have a decorated lighted candle by the entrance, beside a guestbook for the guests to sign. My mother is providing the guest book, but I decorated the candle this morning. It’s not perfect (you can see some creases if you look closely) but I like it … [Read more…]

A Very Simple Mason Jar Project

Confirmation Party Decorations Yesterday’s Mason jar project failed miserably. Although I have now learned that ModPodge is indeed available in Iceland, I decided to go in another, simpler direction: That is, lace rests and recycled lace, glued on jars, with a tea light put in. As simple as can be, but pretty. At least I think so. The doilies … [Read more…]