Foldarskart – exhibition

I did not take many pictures at the opening of my exhibition, and the ones I did take were pretty bad – just snaps on the run. I was otherwise engaged, greeting people. serving drinks and generally enjoying myself. Because it was a lot of fun. A surprising amount of work – but fun. ♥ Ég tók … [Read more…]

On the road

The weather was glorious almost all the time we were travelling – and the kids were good as gold too. The food we bought was a whole other matter, and we wowed to pack sandwiches and stuff when we went home. That was much better! Veðrið var frábært á leiðinni vestur og krakkarnir líka. Við borðuðum afspyrnu … [Read more…]



One should start at the beginning right? I don’t always do that – but today I’m going to be good and try to follow a timeline of sorts. Before I went to Ísafjörður to set up my exhibition, I stayed a few days in Reykjavík. My main task was to take a short photography course … [Read more…]

Icelandic “things”

I wore my national costume today. It was pretty cold and windy – but that did not matter, well not very much at least. My little cheerleaders did very well despite the wind – I didn’t really have any time to take pictures, but I have a few and they will be in the new post. I … [Read more…]

A Puddle of Sunshine

Sunset puddle – Sólarlags pollur, originally uploaded by Harpa J. The weather was beautiful today, a bit of frost but no wind. And the light was lovely as you can see. Sunset puddle – Sólarlags pollur, originally uploaded by Harpa J. Það var fallegt veður í dag, smá frost en kyrrt. Og birtan dásamleg eins … [Read more…]