Houses in Ísafjörður

This is my last picture post from Ísafjörður and Bolungarvík, this time around. The theme today is houses. Many of them are corrugated iron clad houses that were very common in Iceland in the early 20th century and are still very prominent in Ísafjörður, but some are older. All but the last one are in Ísafjörður. … [Read more…]

Fall Colours in Ísafjörður

The summer is really over now and the beautiful fall colours are reigning. I did not manage to photograph the wonderful heather shades, we were in way in much hurry on the way there and the weather had turned on they way back.

Holuhraun Eruption

The eruption in Holuhraun is as active as ever. There seems to be no end to the sesmic activity in Bárðabunga either, check out these amazing maps that illustrate the intensity of these events. Eruption video Be sure to follow my facebook page for updates on the eruption and other interesting things!

Holuhraun Eruption Update

Photo: Höskuldur Borgþórsson

Lava flowing from the Holuhraun fissure has entered Jökulsa a Fjöllum glacial river. A strong earthquake (5.4) was in Bárðarbunga this morning and an eruption there is still a likely event. This photo is taken from a plane on the way to Egilsstaðir. Commercial planes fly over the eruption site and pilots or flight attendants … [Read more…]

Increased Activity

The seismic activity in Bárðarbunga has increased  today. According to specialists from the Icelandic Meteorologic Institute it is now impossible to detect individual earthquakes, they are coming that fast.  It is still impossible to say whether there will be an eruption or not, but the Civil Protection coordination centre  has been activated and a plane from the … [Read more…]