At the Flea Market


Living in a small village is great. The closeness to nature, the wonderful light, the peace; I could go on and on. But of course there are disadvantages too. One of the minor ones is not getting to flea markets nearly as often as I would like. But the other day I was in the … [Read more…]

Vintage Dress Rescue – part two


You remember this dress right? The one I was cleaning and altering a bit? Right. I took of the rabbit fur lining and washed the dress. It was really dirty, even dirtier than it looked.   I tried washing it very gently in tepid water, but that had almost no effect on the seemingly ingrown dirt. So … [Read more…]

Vintage Dress Rescue


My regular readers might remember the lovely vintage dresses  my friend inherited this summer. I have taken on the task of restoring them, something I really looks forward to. There is no pressure, I just take one at a time, when I can and feel like it. I decided to start with this one: There … [Read more…]

Vase – vintage

  This lovely vase is not marked in any way but I do know that it´s at approximately 100 years old, or perhaps even older. It’s originally from the home of the pastor Hálfdán Guðjónsson and his wife Herdís Péturdóttir in Sauðárkrókur. My grandmother worked in their household along with her friend Sveina, when my … [Read more…]

Coffee Grinder

Some of you might remember this coffee grinder. It was my grandmothers and I cherish it dearly. The small shield with the brand name is missing but now I know where it’s from. It bears the impressive name: Prima Geschmiedetes Mahlwerk Garantie. And how do I know that? I got a mail from a very … [Read more…]